Riding Gloves

MacWet riding gloves

DSCN2178 MacWet


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Excellent wearability and grip! I was very happy and secure when wearing these in the rain, because they provide me with the “confident grip” I need when the leather reins get slippery.

The gloves are made of a comfortable and functional blend of materials: Polyester 55%, Polyamid 25.8 %, Polyurethane 17.2 %, Nylon 1.6%, and elastane 0.4%. Lovely design. Very chic! I really liked the wide cuffs with the wide velcro strip on the wrist. The cuffs feel good against the skin and I found them to be quite functional.

DSCN2190 Blog (2)

The MacWets certainly functioned better than my current riding gloves, offering more grip during inclement weather. The MacWets are chic gloves and overall very functional for the rider who goes out and rides in all types of weather, sunny and dry, or raining very hard as it frequently does here during autumn.  Now I feel prepared!

DSCN2181 (2)

A big warm thank you to MacWet for allowing me to test their gloves while riding. I enjoyed it!  And I can’t wait to use them during my next ride….and more rainy weather as I speak.


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