Denny Emerson talks about how a horse carries itself by engaging its hocks

Brilliant article  written by a brilliant horseman: Denny Emerson

Weight Lifting for Horses

by Denny Emerson

Engagement—The act of flexing the hocks, stepping under the body, planting the hooves, and lifting.

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Special day… with Valentina Truppa and Morten Thomsen

First, I’d like to wish all of my blog followers and their steeds a happy, healthy, productive, and successful year 2014. And remember, it’s now the Year of the Horse.


Today was very special. I went out to see Valentina Truppa, currently Italy’s elite international grand prix dressage rider and Olympian, ride in training sessions with the renowned Danish dressage trainer Morten Thomsen at her place here in the Monferrato in Piedmont, Italy.  Thomsen is one of the elite dressage trainers here in Europe.  I studied dressage in Denmark years ago, and so, I was quite enthusiastic about seeing today’s workouts.  Tomorrow morning (Sunday) there will be some more sessions.

Sorry folks no photos! Yes, it would have been nice… But I was toooo ‘absorbed’ in the dressage—watching, listening, and learning! Making photos would have disrupted the ambiance, training, and concentration. After all, my purpose today was to learn and enjoy the day to it’s fullest. For me it was the perfect Saturday—although foggy, cold, and raining hard, I couldn’t have imagined doing anything else but watch beautiful horses work through the movements under an accomplished and inspiring trainer such as Thomsen. It was a wonderful day. Carpe diem!

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The new year started out with lots of precipitation. And today was just another wet and cold day of this so-called untypical Piedmontese winter. I’d rather have it intensely cold and snowy as a winter should be. Well, I just need to wait ’til it dries up a bit out there—we’ve no covered school where I ride—hopefully I’ll be back in the saddle soon. In the meantime, my County has been lovingly oiled and is now ready for the winter wetness.