Huaso …a spectacular legend

The spectacular legend of Huaso, a thoroughbred born in Chile who jumped 2,47 meters in 1949 . ….that is 8 feet, 11/4 inches.  His original name was “Faithful”. At the time he was 16 years old. A very good age, I think. Now some people think that 16 is old, no, not at all. The best jumping horses come into their prime in the later years, and not in the younger years as many tend to think.  It takes many years of training and conditioning to result in a successful athlete and one that will be healthy during the entire course of their athletic career.

Huaso had much going for him. Obviously a great pedigree, and in his later years was trained and conditioned properly by his military-trained rider.  And during his early years when he was a racehorse, he probably was strong and healthy–this is obvious to me otherwise he never could have been the high jumper he was.  As a youngster, Huaso might have been an unsuccessful racehore, but as a jumper he was fantastic and that was his true calling. Albeit his Chilean rider, Captain Alberto Larraguibel, had first acquired him with the idea that he would make a dressage horse out of him.

Huaso’s sire is Henry Lee (1923).  The Thoroughbred lineage is interesting.  The grandsire of Henry Lee is Persimmon (1893), and his great-grandsire is St. Simon (1881).  Huaso’s dam is Trémula (1933), also a thoroughbred, however I could not find any more data about her lineage; and I am not certain her birth date is accurate either.  It is my opninion that the dam line is just as significant as the sire’s.  Obviously excellent talent was in the gene line on both sides–I am convinced of this.  Huaso was a fantastic athlete, and I would really like to know the complete lineage on each side of his pedigree.

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

Huaso (1933 – August 24, 1961) was the horse that, ridden by Chilean Captain Alberto Larraguibel, set the high-jump world record on February 5, 1949, by jumping 2.47 meters (8 ft. 2 in.), in Viña del Mar, Chile, one of the longest-running unbroken sport records in history (62 years as of 2011.)

My opinion is that this horse is truly a legend. The Wikipedia article is very interesting to read. Huaso’s unprecedented record has stood now for 62 years!!! And no other horse has achieved such a feat until only recently.

Thoroughbreds have always been one of my favorite breeds.  I owned a few of them myself, and rode many. They are extremely intelligent, hard-working, devoted, elegant and versatile. Now, some people might disagree with me on that latter point, because they are a bit temperamental.  Yes, they are, but it is their temperament that makes them so genuinely interesting and enjoyable to ride and train. I also think thoroughbreds are the most elegant dressage horses!

Huaso lived to be 29 years old.  Huaso / Faithful  [1933-1961].

Here is the link to the video on YouTube:

Huaso el Caballo Campeon