The extraordinary Badminton Horse Trials of 2017…where dreams come true

Andrew Nicholson and Nereo won the 2017 Badminton title!

This year’s Badminton, the world’s most prestigious 4 star 3-day event which took place this past weekend, was extra special! Everyone had certain expectations about who would probably win. I followed the 2017 Badminton Horse Trials via livestream on the website and on Twitter (and a bit on Facebook). Coverage on Twitter was excellent. I’m currently in Argentina, so being connected to the BHT livestream service was a godsend… it was like having a front row seat! I had fantastic views of everything and heard excellent commentary from some of the world’s top even riders. So exciting! Fantastic! After 37 Badminton completions—many of which also took place during the “long-format” years—Andrew Nicholson finally won the Badminton title! I’m so happy for Andrew and Nereo his lovely, superb event horse. Andrew has made an incredible comeback—a strong unprecedented determination— after his bad fall and injury in 2015 which nearly left him paralyzed. He is one of the world’s most outstanding horsemen. Andrew Nicholson deserved to win and I’m elated that he finally did!

Everyone held their breath when the final three riders, Michael Jung (GER), Ingrid Klimke (GER), and Andrew Nicholson (NZ), one by one, headed out to ride the show jumping course. But the “horse race” is never over until it is over! Anything can happen at any moment, and that’s exactly what happened! We held our breaths, and our hearts stopped momentarily. It was a nail-biting finish. When Michael knocked down a rail, oh, and when quite unexpected, Ingrid knocked a number of rails down, I cried ! Andrew and Nereo won!! Excitement went viral among eventers and fans worldwide on social media. Badminton 2017 final results: 1. Andrew on Nereo (New Zealand); 2. Michael Jung & La Biosthetique-Sam (Germany); and 3. Tim Price on Xavier Faer (New Zealand).

If you missed some of the live action from Badminton, you can now see it on the Badminton channel on Youtube. These are the links. I’ll be adding more links over the next few days.

Watch the Badminton Horse Trials 2017 on Youtube

Andrew Nicholson Highlights of Badminton 2017

#MMBHT winner Andrew Nicholson’s interview (May, 7, 2017)

First Inspection (May 3, 2017)

Dressage (May 4 and 5)

Dressage: Thursday # MMBHT nos. 31 – 53

Dressage: Friday #MMBHT nos. 54 – 80

Dressage: Friday #MMBHT nos. 83 – 111 [ Andrew Nicholson & Nereo no. 111 ]

Cross-country (May 6, 2017)

Saturday #MMBHT Cross Country Phase

Cross-country highlights (May 6, 2017)

Sunday #MMBHT Final Horse Inspection

Show Jumping (May 7, 2017)

Sunday #MMBHT Showjumping Morning Session

Sunday #MMBHT Showjumping Afternoon Session & Prize Giving


Nostalgic Moments… WEG 1998 Rome

The other day while I was digging through boxes of old photographs, I found a ton of photos that I had shot back in 1998 at the World Equestrian Games in Rome, Italy.  I spent nearly a week in Rome so I could watch all three tests of the 3-Day Event  World Championships. Those were still the days of the “long format” 3-day events.  So much different than what we see today.  Spectacular rides, great memories!

Here are some photos of Mark Todd riding Broadcast News, tackling the magnificent cross-country course designed by Albino Garbari at the Pratoni del Vivaro outside of Rome.



And here’s another photo of Toddy whilst doing the course walk prior to the show jumping.


As we all know, in 1998 the New Zealand team won gold, while Blyth Tait took the individual gold and Mark Todd took the individual silver; and Andrew Nicholson was 5th as individual.  Back then, it was a chance in a lifetime  to see these outstanding riders–the New Zealanders who were dominating the sport ( and still are !)–riding the course right there in front of me.

I won’t be able to attend this year’s WEG in Normandy, France.  Instead I’ll watch the 3-Day World Championships on television.  The good news is that a number of television channels here in Europe will be broadcasting the various WEG events from France.  I’m excited!

And may the best riders win!

Ciao, Karin


Photos copyright Karin Susan Fester (c) 1998-2014


Mark Todd’s “Second Chance” arrived !


A delightful surprise…. Sir Mark Todd’s Second Chance: The Autobiography  just arrived by courier!
I won a signed copy of  Todd’s book from Westgate EFI.  I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed ever since I entered the competition.  Wishes do come true.  I won’t be able to put this book down once I start to read it.


A hearty thank you to Westgate EFI for giving me the chance to win this marvelous book written by one of the World’s most outstanding 3-day event riders: Mark Todd.

Karin Susan

Spectacular !… the 2013 Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials CCI 4*

It was an exciting weekend….BURGHLEY !!   The entire weekend I was glued to Twitter and Horse & Hounds live-feed to get updates of the competition at the 2013 Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials  CCI 4*.

1.  Jock Paget/Clifton Promise (New Zealand), 2. Andrew Nicholson/Avebury (New Zealand), and  3.  Andrew Nicholson/Nereo (New Zealand). 

And the winner of the 2012-2012 HSBC  FEI CLASSICS is  Andrew Nicholson of  New Zealand.

It was New Zealand domination at this year’s Burghley…  Jonelle Richards /The Deputy placed 6th,  Sir Mark Todd/Oloa placed 7th, and  Andrew Nicholson/Calico Joe placed 8th.   Wow!    William Fox Pit/Parklane Hawk (Great Britain) placed 4th, and Ingrid Klimke/FRH Butts (Germany) placed  5th.

Watch videos of each rider’s/horse’s Dressage, Crosscountry, and Show Jumping tests  HERE >>>

The official 2013 Land Rover Burghley Horse Trial results  > >

Here is a video from Horse & Country TV …interview with this year’s winner Jock Paget of New Zealand

Here is a video of the Burghley Cross Country

For more NEWS about Burghley 2013 follow me on Twitter  @CavalloDocile

Ciao, Karin

Storm 05 (2)

Nostalgic Moments … The Burghley Horse Trials

The 2013 Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials begin tomorrow, and run through Sunday. 

Dressage times  (Thursday & Friday):

Wonderful videos of the Burghley Horse Trials

VIDEO:  “Three Day Horse Trials 1961”

Published by British Pathé 

Video link >

VIDEO: “The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials — Best Memories”

Published by BurghleyHorseTrials on YouTube

Enjoy!   Ciao, Karin Susan

Hartpury Horse Trials 2013…

Italy’s Vittoria Panizzon and Brorough Pennyyz won the CCI ** “Magic” section B, at Hartpury horse trials in Gloucestershire, England this past weekend.

Stories here:

Sadly, a bad accident took place during the cross-country phase of the Hartpury CCI**, an officials Land Rover hit a horse while on course. Tom Rowland and W. Iridium had just come out of a water jump and then collided with the vehicle that drove into the course. Unbelievable! Tom Rolwland flew threw the air but was not injured and his horse was not injured—but is stiff–hopefully he will have a good recovery. Poor horse, can’t even imagine what that must have felt like–hope the horse won’t have a fear of cars in the future! A veterinary team immediately took care of the horse. But they were darn lucky as it could have been a lot worse! They might even have been killed. A full investigation is underway.

Stories here:

Horsetalk “Car hits horse on British cross-country”

Eventing Nation  Horse and Vehicle Collide at Hartpury?”