Birthday with horses…

Yesterday was my birthday…….

Karin Cake 3714

Birthday cake glazed with luscious chocolate, and layers filled with dulce de leche !!

DSCN3776 - June 11

I spent the day watching show jumping at the Club Aleman de Equitacion (the German Riding Club) in Buenos Aires. Sunny, and not so cold for a June day—that’s if you’re in the southern hemisphere!


Various classes all day—jumps set 1.30 m, culminating at 1.50 m. at the end of the day.

DSCN3727_June 11

Relaxing in the shade under the trees here they have different trees than way up north where I come from !


Beautifyul horses, beautiful sunshine, and the freah air and barbecues were making me very hungry.

DSCN3760_ June 11

For lunch ate some delicious bratwurst on a hard roll with salsa criolla and chimichurri.



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