Have you ever had your horse’s hay analyzed? You should.

Hay is a subject that always fascinates me, and it seems I can’t read enough about it.  I just read another excellent article by equine nutritionist Dr. Juliet Getty, and this time it’s about analyzing your hay: “Do you need to analyze your hay?”


DSC_0027 Blog

Getty discusses how important it is to know the nutrient content of the hay that you are feeding your horse—health concerns should always be on your mind, especially if a horse is susceptible to laminitis. In her article she explains hay analysis values—lots of good information!  So, if you haven’t yet had a recent hay analysis done, maybe it’s time that you did.  Remember too , that even if you are getting the same hay from the same supplier year after year, you still ought to get an analysis done, because values could differ from year to year. The only way to know what you are feeding your horse is to get it analyzed.


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