Getting excited about the WEG

It won’t be long before the World Equestrian Games begin on August 25th in Normandy, France. My favorite events are the Dressage and Eventing. Dressage will take place on August 25, 26, 27 and 29.  Eventing will take place August 28 – 31.

You can see the WEG 2014 calendar here →

I’m getting a bit nostalgic too…

DSCN3281 Blog

Back in 1998, I went to see all three tests for the World Championship 3-day Event. And watched both Mark Todd and Andrew Nicholson tackle the course. WEG 2014 will of course not be the same, as the 1998 cross country test consisted of 4 phases (A, B, C, D)—those were still the days of the “long format” cross country! I’ll be curious and anxious to see how the riders and their steeds will negotiate Pierre Michelet’s cross country course at Haras du Pin. It’s going to be a big bold course!


Spectacular horses and brave riders! I’ll be cheering for several of them! Team New Zealand is one of my favorites as well as the Germans!

I won’t be able to attend this year’s WEG in France, and instead I’ll watch the Dressage and  3-day World Championships on television.  A number of TV stations here in Europe will be broadcasting the WEG on television. That’s great!

May the best horses and riders win!

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Photos copyright Karin Susan Fester (c) 2014


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