Always sentimental…


I’ve always been very sentimental about my horses. Today would have been Edeltraut’s 21st birthday. I bought Edel as a weanling, raised her, and eventually started her to saddle myself.  In the photo above, Edel in Sanderum, Fyn, Denmark, just shortly after I got her.  Precious sweet girl.  Edel was a Danish Warmblood, a 50-50 Trakehner-Hanoverian cross, by Nevada (Cenzor II line) and out of the mare Miranda.  A good jumping line.  When Edel was only four she already had the desire, if not, a hunger to jump—but that had to wait, as she was still to young to be jumping. Everytime I look at this photo..I’m speechless. Emotions well up. I made Edel myself–many long hours, if not years, of enduring patience, hardwork, and dedication. That’s what an authentic life with one’s horse is all about.  I have such lovely memories of the thousands of hours we spent together. I wish the two of us were still together. Edel was my everything.


Karin Susan


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