Aspire Equestrian’s advice on how to overcome losing one’s stirrups in canter and sitting trot…

Today I came across an excellent article about how not to lose one’s stirrups whilst riding the sitting trot and canter. I found this to be very helpful. Some horses are easier to ride at the sitting trot than others–not to mention the canter. Every horse is an individual, so, take that in stride. Many years ago, one of my instructors told me: “If you can ride this horse, you can ride any horse”. What she meant was that, if I could sit his trot and his big rough canter, I could ride just about any horse. I’ve never forgotten that bit of advice. But one thing which needs to be emphasized is: ride ‘properly’ so you don’t lose your stirrups. So, if you’re having some difficulty, then go and read this article by Aspire Equestrian. I’ve reposted it here on my blog so my blog followers can read and learn! And be sure to visit the Aspire Equestrian website often because they regularly feature excellent advice on riding technique!!

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losing stirrups

One of the most common questions among riders who try to improve their effectiveness is how to stop the annoying issue of lost stirrups in canter and sitting trot. There are many various explanations for this problem and in fact, each rider will have slight variations in how they can correct the issue but let’s look at some things to look into:

1. Bracing against the movement?

Watch for any form of bracing through your legs and hips against the motion of the horse as it will pretty much for sure stop you from being able to retain your stirrups. Visualise the motion of the horse’s back and his sides – the ribcage swings slightly from left to right in every gait albeit differently in walk, trot and canter. Be aware that to absorb this swing you need certain amount of pelvis mobility and the bigger the motion of your…

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