Sunshine at last ! Mud, please dry up !

All the horses were so happy today.  They know they’ll be outside for many hours. They were happily munching away on hay and enjoying the fresh air.  It was quite windy, and I could even taste the sea (the Ligurian sea is only 70km from here) in the air as it circulated through the Monferrine hills and valleys. Days like today I appreciate immensely because I don’t like to see unhappy horses complaining about being kept inside.

DSC_0027 Blog

Finally, we’re having a stretch of sunshine and dryer weather. The last couple weeks have been miserable—torrential rains nonstop. The horses were constantly plodding around in deep mud. And that mud will pull off your wellies in two seconds.  It was impossible to ride as the school had turned into a lovely swamp (we don’t have an indoor school).  Mudslides were commonplace during the last few days throughout the Monferrato, and still are. In fact some roads were still closed today because of the muddy mess.

DSC_0022 Blog

A few people did go out for a trail ride this morning—not me, I’ll wait ’til it dries out more!  It’s still mucky and slippery out there. Indeed today was a day for calks.  But even then, with all that tufaceous-calcareous soil—gets as slippery as ice when it’s wet—so typical of the grape cultivation terroir here in the Monferrato, calks might not be so dependable afterall.  And if your steed should slip, well, if you fly off, you will surely land in deep well-cushioned sticky mud (with a hint of sulfur in your mouth, that’s not exactly unhealthy for you). Not to mention that the shoes will probably also be sucked off your horses feetyour farrier will be so happy for the extra business. That is the typical “muddy saga” we are all too familiar with.

DSC_0024 Blog

The weather outlook for the next five days is dry and sunny. Wonderful! Let’s hope it stays that way for at least a month! 

Farewell Mud !     Mud_March 2014

Ciao, Karin


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