Bagna Cauda !

Piemonte is Life

The grandmother of one of my friends cooked up the most delicious Bagna Cauda that I ever ate in my whole life.  On a cold November night, in the heart of the wine country in Asti province, a big group of us gathered together to relish a very old traditional Piedmontese late autumn dish: a hot garlic anchovy sauce.  To this very day the Piedmontese cherish this gastronomical tradition.  Bagna Cauda   speaks November in Piemonte.


A large table was filled with big bowls of various vegetables: onions, shallots, celery, carrots, cardo, various types of lettuce, chicory, endive, pepperoni (red and yellow sweet bell peppers), radishes, and the list goes on and on.  Never before have I seen such a plentiful and delicious looking buffet.  And we also ate raw Piedmontese beef with the Bagna Cauda.  The meat, raw, boiled eggs, and fresh and cooked vegetables are dipped into the…

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