Received a sample from Keyflow … Mark Todd Stay Cool

DSCN2224 (2)

A few days ago I received my samples of Mark Todd Stay Cool from Keyflow.  I was so happy to see the package in my mailbox from Marlborough, Wiltshire, England!  I’ve been hearing about Mark Todd’s products for some time now…

MarkTodd (2)

Sir Mark Todd is a brilliant and talented world class event rider—I follow his competitions regularly, and have on a number of occasions actually seen him compete, including in Rome (WEG 1998).  And now he has created exceptional food products for horses. This is wonderful!  The Mark Todd range by Keyflow consists of three formulas: Maestro, Stay Cool, and Perfect Balance. 

DSCN2234 (2)

As Mark Todd says, “Stay Cool is brilliant for horses or ponies that are resting or are in light work. They maintain excellent condition, are happy horses to ride and never nervy.”   What’s great about this feed is that it’s low in starch and carbohydrates, contains beetroot, rice bran, and a pro-biotic, and it’s digestability is apparently “ultra high”.  If you want to know more about this food, then visit the Keyflow website at

DSCN2230 (2)

Stay Cool is very attractive, smells good, and apparently tastes very good—the eighteen-year-old Thoroughbred gelding I fed it to actually thought so!  And I’m happy that he had the chance to munch on some.


I would love to see the Keyflow Mark Todd product range marketed here in Italy.

Thank you Keyflow for sending the samples to me!                                                         DSCN2278 (2)

Ciao, Karin


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