MacWet gloves review

First, I want to say how much I appreciate MacWet for giving me the chance to test their riding gloves.  This is the first time I’ve ever written a review about a pair of riding gloves that I tested out in detail.  I have worn so many different types of riding gloves over the years, and so, for me, it was essentially another glove trial.  The only difference now is that I am sharing the information in detail and showing my photographs on a blog.  The MacWets are certainly something different and innovative!   When  the  MacWet gloves  arrived in my mailbox, I was excited about trying them out to see how they would function whilst out riding.  Before talking about how the gloves functioned, I would like to begin by talking about the  appearance and material.

DSCN2173 (2)

The gloves are made of a black synthetic material.  Components are: Polyester 55%, Polyamid 25.8 %, Polyurethane 17.2 %, Nylon 1.6%, and elastane 0.4%. Lovely design.  Very chic!   I really liked the wide cuffs with the wide velcro strip on the wrist.  The cuffs are very comfortable.  PQ, the Thoroughbred mare I ride, well, she immediately noticed that I had on a new pair of gloves.  But this behavior of hers is quite common.  She usually notices my clothing, whatever I’m wearing—very observant.  PQ actually turned her head around to look at me as I was saddling her up, dipped her nose and checked out the gloves on my hands.  Obviously the new black shiny smooth gloves caught her attention.  I imagined she thought to herself, “New gloves? And how will you ride me today while wearing these things?”

DSCN2171 (2)

How did the  MacWet  gloves fare?  I was of course quite curious…

On the first day the weather was dry and a bit breezy, though it was cloudy–had hoped for sunshine.  The synthetic material feels very nice against the skin.  After putting on the gloves and fastening the velcro on the cuffs I noticed that they were a bit baggy on both of my hands, and the fingers were a bit long.  I’m wearing size 7.75 gloves; my right hand is a bit wider and more muscular than the left hand.   According to the sizing chart on the package, the size was correct for my hand measurements; though it was a mystery as to why they were a bit big on my hands and the fingers so long.  Once I started riding, the gloves didn’t stretch out.  Since the fingers were long, it was at various times awkward to hold and feel the reins.  The reins I use are all leather, no webbing, or rubber covering.  But despite the fingers feeling a bit long, they were still very functional with a good grip.

DSCN2181 (2)

The second time I used them the weather was cold, damp, and rainy.  Not a heavy rain, but wet enough to test the gloves and their wearability and grip.  The grip was good on the reins, as the gloves seemed to cling better to my hands and fingers.  That was a relief.  So, in my case, once the gloves absorbed some moisture they actually fit me and functioned better.

DSCN2190 Blog (2)

Washing the gloves: I handwashed them in warm water ca. 35-40°, using a liquid vegetable-based laundry soap specifically for washing by hand (sapone marsiglia, as it’s called in Italian).  According to the cleaning instructions on the package, the gloves can be machine washed up to 40° C.  Wearbility after washing them?  After washing them I was eager to try them on to see how they fit while ‘very’ wet.  The gloves fit me much better, lessy baggy all around and especially the fingers fit well.  The grip was very good too.  I hung the wet gloves out on the line to dry, but later brought them inside and they seemed to dry reasonably quick—helpful if you are planning to ride again the next day!  After the gloves were dry, I tried them on again.  The gloves did not shrink, nor did the gloves feel stiff when I slipped my hands in; I was able to pull them on gently.  The dry gloves fit my hand basically in the same way as when I first rode with them.  Apparently, when these gloves are wet they fit me better.

DSCN2196 Blog

The  MacWets  are very nice gloves, but I need them to be a bit narrower, probably one size smaller would fit me better—but that is how they were fitting when I first wore them.  Perhaps the gloves are running a bit big according to size?  In my case it seems so.  After washing them, while still very wet, the gloves fit good.  In wet weather, they function very good.  I liked the way the material felt on the skin of the hand and fingers even when they were soaking wet!  If I was riding in a hard rain I would be confident that these gloves would ensure a good grip on the reins—very important.  The  MacWets  certainly functioned better than my current riding gloves, offering more grip during inclement weather.  The MacWets are stylish gloves yet very functional for the rider who goes out and rides in all types of weather, sunny and dry, or raining hard.

Thank you  MacWet  for allowing me to test your gloves while riding.   I enjoyed it, and I’m already looking forward to the next ride!

Karin Susan


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