Palio di Asti …Horrific

My heart goes out to Mamuthones who died so tragically in Sunday’s  “Palio di Asti”, in Asti, Piemonte.  May Mamuthones rest in peace.  I cried when I heard about the accident.  No horse deserves such a cruel fate.

Here is the video on Youtube from the  “Palio di Asti” on Sunday, September 15, 2013:

Here are the articles which appeared in the Italian newspapers:

Di Alessandria

La Repubblica

Mamuthones did not deserve such a horrific fate.   That his rider whipped and tried to force him is unacceptable.   Mamuthones tripped over the rope because his rider whipped him to move ahead–putting the horse in a dangerous situation.  This  rider is not a good horseman and should never be allowed to ride again.  Shame on him.  The Palio di Asti should be abolished.  It is unsafe, mismanaged, irresponsible, and has no respect for horses’ welfare.  The entire environment of the race is in my opinion incomprehensible…I have personally seen it over the years and I no longer attend this race.

IHP  Italian Horse Protection

No Palio

Thank you to all of you who took the time to read the tragic news about Mamuthones.

Karin Susan Fester


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