Spectacular !… the 2013 Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials CCI 4*

It was an exciting weekend….BURGHLEY !!   The entire weekend I was glued to Twitter and Horse & Hounds live-feed to get updates of the competition at the 2013 Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials  CCI 4*.

1.  Jock Paget/Clifton Promise (New Zealand), 2. Andrew Nicholson/Avebury (New Zealand), and  3.  Andrew Nicholson/Nereo (New Zealand). 

And the winner of the 2012-2012 HSBC  FEI CLASSICS is  Andrew Nicholson of  New Zealand.

It was New Zealand domination at this year’s Burghley…  Jonelle Richards /The Deputy placed 6th,  Sir Mark Todd/Oloa placed 7th, and  Andrew Nicholson/Calico Joe placed 8th.   Wow!    William Fox Pit/Parklane Hawk (Great Britain) placed 4th, and Ingrid Klimke/FRH Butts (Germany) placed  5th.

Watch videos of each rider’s/horse’s Dressage, Crosscountry, and Show Jumping tests  HERE >>>  http://www.burghley.tv/vod2013/

The official 2013 Land Rover Burghley Horse Trial results  > >  http://www.bdwp.co.uk/bur/13/

Here is a video from Horse & Country TV …interview with this year’s winner Jock Paget of New Zealand


Here is a video of the Burghley Cross Country


For more NEWS about Burghley 2013 follow me on Twitter  @CavalloDocile

Ciao, Karin

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