Riders, are you wearing merino wool?

Riders, are you wearing merino wool? For you, EquiRex has the super comfy, functional and practical solution!


Why? Merino wool is breathable, temperature regulating, sustainable, dries quickly, and has no unpleasant odors! That’s what merino can do for you!


EquiRex offers a fine collection of short and long sleeve polos made from New Zealand merino wool.


EquiRex Gemma Polo

The EquiRex Gemma Polo is 100% merino wool …it’s lightweight and refreshingly cozy!  Experience EquiRex merino wool riding wear as a solution for riding comfort, breathability, and just feeling great all day long!

EquiRex Riana Jacket

EquiRex Riana Jacket

For optimal comfort the Riana jacket is good choice. Since it’s made of pure merino wool—a lovely light-weight fabric—you can rest assured you will feel always feel nice and warm. Since merino wool is temperature regulating, so you’ll never have to worry about feeling uncomfortable during those fresh autumn days or cold damp mornings!



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