Hartpury Horse Trials 2013…

Italy’s Vittoria Panizzon and Brorough Pennyyz won the CCI ** “Magic” section B, at Hartpury horse trials in Gloucestershire, England this past weekend.

Stories here:


Dothorse.it  http://www.dothorse.it/blog/news/11384485/breaking-news-panizzon-e-borough-pennyz-vincono-il-cic-di-hartpury

Sadly, a bad accident took place during the cross-country phase of the Hartpury CCI**, an officials Land Rover hit a horse while on course. Tom Rowland and W. Iridium had just come out of a water jump and then collided with the vehicle that drove into the course. Unbelievable! Tom Rolwland flew threw the air but was not injured and his horse was not injured—but is stiff–hopefully he will have a good recovery. Poor horse, can’t even imagine what that must have felt like–hope the horse won’t have a fear of cars in the future! A veterinary team immediately took care of the horse. But they were darn lucky as it could have been a lot worse! They might even have been killed. A full investigation is underway.

Stories here:

Horsetalk co.nz “Car hits horse on British cross-country”  http://horsetalk.co.nz/2013/08/12/car-hits-horse-british-cross-country/#axzz2bhKqeOuw

Eventing Nation  Horse and Vehicle Collide at Hartpury?” http://eventingnation.com/home/horse-and-vehicle-collide-at-hartpury.html


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