Too HOT !

Too hot for all of us!  At night it might be possible to ride, if there’s a strong breeze.   And in some areas of the Monferrato the wind blows a bit stronger and one can enjoy an evening ride.   We’ve experienced consistent temperatures in the high 30s to 40 (95 – 104 °F).  One day it was 42°C (107°F) in the sun.  In northern Europe they have a strong heat wave too.


Early in the morning I go out to do a brushing and cleaning etc.   I’ve not been riding, too hot for me!  And I don’t want to put a horse through it either.  Instead I keep myself fit by trekking and doing weight lifting–at least I’ll be fit once the heat passes.   We’re looking forward to cooler days.   This morning though we were quite lucky. Unexpected.  We had a good strong rainstorm.


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