I’ve been following the Luhmühlen CIC3* and CCI4* Three-Day Events

For the past few days I have been following the Luhmühlen CIC 3* and CCI 4* in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, on Twitter.  But I was also watched the CCI 4* cross-country and show jumping phases on German television channel NDR.   And Andrew Nicholson won another CCI 4* !   Nicholson is a superb rider, and it doesn’t surprise me that he won.  I expected that Andrew would!

Articles and photos of   Andrew Nicholson HERE     and   HERE   !!

Here are the results:

CCI 4* – HSBC FEI Classics   1.  Andrew Nicholson / Mr Cruise Control (New Zealand);  2. Zara Phillips / High Kingdom (Great Britain);          3. William Fox-Pitt / Neuf des Coeurs (Great Britain)

CIC 3* – Messmer Trophy   1. Michael Jung  / Halunke FBW (Germany);  2. Dirk Schrade / Hop and Skip (Germany);  3. Ingrid Klimke / (Germany)

To see  results for each respective rider for each phase of the competitions you can go to the Luhmühlen 2013 LeaderBoard for both the CIC 3* and CCI 4* at www.rechenstelle.de  , and you can also see the complete dressage test and the marks they received for each movement.  Wonderful to see this!!  If you click on the ‘blue’ numbers under the ‘Dressage’ section for each rider, you will open a window containing socre data.

This year’s course designer for the Luhmühlen CIC 3* and CCI 4* was Captain Mark Phillips (Zara Phillips’ father).

You can watch Ingrid Klimke’s ride on the cross-country course with her mare FRH Escada JS;  Ingrid had a camera fixed to her helmet.                                It’s a spectacular video!   See Ingrid’s  video here > Ingrid Klimke helm camera Luhmühlen

Michael Jung did not compete in the CCI4* at Luhmühlen because, as he said during an interview on NDR televison, he had just recently competed at Badminton (2 – 6 May) and the two competitions were too close to each other.  Likewise Andrew Nicholson did not compete with the two horses he took to Badminton either.

At his year’s Luhmühlen, however, there was a very tragic accident during the CCI 4* cross-country.  P’tite Bombe, a ten year old Anglo-Arab mare ridden by Emeric George (France) died in Luhmühlen, Germany, on Saturday June 15, 2013.  Emeric and P’tite Bombe had a bad crash on cross-country fence no. 12 which was located in the stadium area.  Emeric was alright, but not his mare.   P’tite Bombe fell on her neck–very serious.  The horse could not be saved and she was euthanized.  It’s so very sad to hear about this.   So tragic, I cried when I heard the details.  Luhmühlen CCI 4* was the mare’s  first CCI 4*.   P’tite Bombe last competed on 9 May in the Marbach CIC 3*, at the Haupt- und Landgestüt Marbach, located on the Swabian Alb in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

You can read more about the accident at the following links:






I always enjoy watching these international three-day event competitions, and certainly I would have wanted to be there to see it myself!  And, like I said earlier, it was quite sad to see the French horse die as a result of serious injuries in this year’s competition.  So far, while reading the media reports, I do not know the reason for why the accident happened.

Congratulations to ALL who placed in the CCI 4* and the CIC 3*  !!


Karin Susan


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