Enjoying the summer weather with friends

I went out to visit my friend Piqu.  Actually, her real name is Crazy Town (by Law Society, her grandsire is Alleged).   What a great way to spend my birthday!

DSCN1607 FB+BlogDol

Since it was my birthday, I rose very early in the morning–at 4:00–and I spent the entire morning baking and decorating the cake.   I really wanted to offer a piece to Piqu and Co., but that would not have been a good idea–especially the chocolate.  (Maybe a carrot cake?)   So, of course, the cake stayed at home, and I enjoyed it later with human friends.

DSCN1594 FB+blogDol

Piqu loves being out in the warm sunny weather, romping around the pasture.   Sadly she had to spend a lot of time indoors this spring due to the consistent rainstorms.   And we didn’t get to ride much either, because there’s no covered area to ride.  But now she is very happy.

DSCN1604 Blog

All of her stable buddies were out enjoying the great weather.   Summer is finally here, after such a very long cold and wet spring.   Yes, it’s dry now, but we could use a nice summer rain now and then to keep things from getting overheated.   So, let’s see how the summer goes…

Ciao,  Karin


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