Spring is here !

It was a long, cold, snowy winter here in Piedmont.   But now spring is here!  What a relief!   The  horses now can relax more and romp around in the meadows on a regular basis.

DSCN1020 Blog

Piqu was really enjoying herself today.   Here she is out with her pasture buddy.  They were both so concentrated on eating that they did not even want to come over and give me a big smile and pose for the camera.

DSCN1016 Blog

Today it was warm and sunny, a high of 28 °C.    Yesterday it was 26°C.   Wow, that’s warm for April.  It felt like one of those lazy, hot summer days and not spring.   I actually prefer cool spring days.

DSCN1030 Blog

The scenery in the Monferrato is spectacular, so many trees in full bloom.   Birds are singing…  The horses have a lovely home to enjoy!

Ciao, Karin

Text and photos are copyright of Karin Susan Fester (c) 2013


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