My favorite leather care products…

The other day while in Casale Monferrato I visited my favorite tack shop Horses’s House and bought a few things I needed.  I ran out of glyercine soap which I use frequently on my saddles, bridles, leather boots, and shoes.  I can’t seem to live without glycerine soap!

Carr & Day & Martin’s Belvoir Tack Cleaner  is wonderful for cleaning saddles that need a good basic cleaning; then follow with the glycerine conditioning soap.  This cleaner also prevents mold and mildew, so it’s ideal for cleaning tack that has been sitting around for a while and might have some mold on it.  After cleaning, I then use the Belvoir Glycerine Conditioning Soap.  The other product I bought is a leather dressing also made by Carr & Day & Martin.  I will use this on my dressage saddle which is a bit old and needs some extra care and conditioning.

Carr & Day & Martin leather care products

I have used Carr & Day & Martin’s products for years and have always had quite good results.  I tend to be loyal to certain leather care products.  If they work, I continue to use them year after year and recommend them to my friends too!  For detailed information about the leather care products mentioned in my blog post as well as the other products they produce, visit their website

If you by any chance live in the Monferrato of Piedmont, a nice tack shop to visit is:  Horse’s HouseLa Casa del Cavallo, Via Giovanni Lanza 143, Casale Monferrato (AL), Piemonte.  They also do saddle repair (English and Western), and they have a wonderful collection of western saddles as well as english riding equipment etc.

Ciao, Karin


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