Riding Boots …made in Piedmont, Italy

Italy is renowned for its excellent high quality leather goods.  Numerous bootmakers are to be  found throughout Italy.  I have looked at many riding boots produced by various companies.   As a rider, I am especially impressed with those bootmakers who pay attention to detail, are interested in the rider’s special needs, and offer good customer service and efficient delivery.  I have ordered boots from the south of Italy and, sorry to say, the delivery was not only not reliable, but in some cases the boots were never made and delivered and the money was not refunded.   That can be really frustrating.

So,  I can tell you, if you are searching for high quality “Italian-made” leather riding boots made in the north of Italy, I can certainly recommend some places.

Here in Piedmont, Italy there is an excellent bootmaker,  Stivaleria Fadbel di Belotti Fabrizio.   While attending a horse show here in Piedmont I discovered this company.  And I must say I am quite impressed.

For all your riding needs…high quality leather riding boots custom made to order.  Fadbel’s product line also includes, shoes, leather riding gaites, full riding chaps, and belts.

Stivaleria Fadbel di Belotti Fabrizio

Gargallo, Novara, Piedmont, Italy


By Karin Susan Fester (c) 2012


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