Horse Abuse Case in USA Exposed – Tennessee Walking Horses

I came to knowledge of this article and video from Horse and Country TV in the U.K.

“Walking horse trainer charged with soring” by Charlotte Ricca-Smith, published 20 September 2012 on

HERE is the link:

This is so tragic. The trainer in the video has been fined 75,000 US dollars for soring Tennessee Walking Horses. You can read the article to gain more information about what this “soring” practice is. However, what is not clear from the article is whether he was also fined /punished for physically beating the horse too?   You will see that in the video.  The video is horrible to see, so be prepared to have a strong stomach.  It is good that this case has been publicly exposed. However, in my opinion, morre cases like these need to be exposed, this particular trainer was not punished enough. He just shouldn’t be allowed to own or train horses ever again.

Clearly this man, like so many other TWH trainers, has used these horses as a means to an end: money, money, money. It’s horrible, but that is the reality.  No compassion did he have for these animals.  In the TWH breed shows–and I have seen these myself years ago already–they like to show the horses doing these huge walking movements, especially the front legs.  Quite unnatural.

Tennessee Walking Horses (TWH) are an American breed, and they are lovely. But when I say lovely I mean it in the natural sense, and not while they are forced to perform exaggerated gait movements. I have ridden Tennesse Walkers many times as pleasure horses, riding them across the countryside. They have a wonderful disposition.

However, when these horses go into the hands of abusive cruel trainers, these beuatiful sentient horses suffer a living hell. I have never been a fan of the Tennessee Walker shows, for most horse people in the USA consider these to be unnatural and know quite well that excessive abuse goes on behind the scenes.

And remember, abuse of horses goes on everywhere.  We all need to be aware of this and need to report it.

We must be good to horses, love and care for them and not use them as a means to an end that is clearly wrong.

By Karin Susan Fester


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