Peacefully grazing in Wales

Peacefully grazing in Wales….

I love the Welsh countryside because it’s soooo beautiful.  Magnificent hills, the typical hedges between pastures, expansive green meadows, wildlife, and the lovely Welsh ponies and cobs–and the sheep, of course–are the essence of the Welsh countryside.   I’m certain I missed a few things, but these phenomena I consider quite special.

The Welsh Cob is one of my favorite horse breeds.  To learn more about Welsh Cobs  go to this link  WelshWelshCobs has a lot of wonderful information.

Every time I’m in Wales I cherish every moment, even the rainy interludes.  The air is Wales is so invigorating–great for hacking out or just for a nice long walk.  It rains in Wales usually every day–at least that’s the way I experienced my days.  So, always make certain you have rain gear with you!

I miss the fresh air, the unique mix of country air and sea air.   I can’t wait to return to Wales, it’s one of my favorite places!  Not to mention, that it’s the one place I can get a good cup of tea!

By Karin Susan Fester (c) 2012


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