Steve Guerdat und sein Pferd Nino des Buissonnets gewinnen GOLD!

Herzliche Gratulation Steve Guerdat und Nino des Buissonnets zum grossen Gewinn!

Congratulations! … Spectacular ride  by the Swiss show jumping rider Steve Guerdat on his horse Nino des Buissonnets–this special horse and rider partnership won the GOLD medal in individual Show Jumping at the London Olympics.  Wonderful!  Guerdat is the first Swiss show jumping rider to win a gold medal since 1924!  Yes, it’s been a very long time.  I applaud this horse and rider team!  Steve Guerdat is from Bassecourt in the Canton of Jura, which is located in the French speaking region in Switzerland.

Here are some news articles /Nachrichten Links…

“Switzerland’s Guerdat wins jumping gold”

“Olympia-Gold für Steve Guerdat”

“Steve Guerdat sacreé champion olympique”


“Der die Pferde liebt”

Quoting Steve Guerdat from the Neue Zürcher  Zeitung «Die Pferde sind mein Leben, ich liebe grosse Turniere, ich liebe es aber auch, mit jungen Pferden zu arbeiten», sagt Guerdat auf die Frage, was ihm die Goldmedaille bedeute. Und erst dann fügt er an: «Das Gold ist Ausdruck dieser Liebe.»

As Steve Guerdat says:  “The horses are my life, I love large tournaments, but I also love to work with young horses” …. “The Gold is an expression of this love”

One can truly see this as Guerdat was riding–this rider and his horse were a superb combination.

And  HERE   is a video showing the celebration in Steve Guerdat’s hometown in Bassecourt, Jura, Switzerland


Translations, and news and links consolidated by Karin Susan Fester


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