Olympics – Three-Day Event…

The Olympic Games have started!

I’m a big fan of the Three-Day Event competition…  And here are the individual and team results after the first day of dressage competition.

INDIVIDUAL:  (1) Ingrid Klimke (Germany), (2) Dirk Schrade (Germany), (3) Mary King (U.K.)

TEAM:  (1) Australia, (2) Germany, (3) U.S.A.

Cross-country (Individual and Team) is tomorrow (Monday), 30th of July.  The “stadium jumping” test is on the 31st July (Tuesday).

For the “Three-Day Event” Competition Results visit these webpages:

Individual results:


Team results:


BBC 6 is the best channel to watch for ALL the EQUESTRIAN competitions…


HERE’s an interview with Dirk Schrade of the German Eventing team..


“Meet Dirk Schrade, German eventing team member & Olympic hopeful TRAILER” posted by horseherovideo on Youtube on April 16, 2012

Enjoy the Olympics!  The Show Jumping and Dressage events will be taking place in the coming days…




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