Easter Treats for Your Horse

It’s Spring and it’s Easter time…And what about your horse(s), what will you give them?

I provide you with a  list of delicious and healthy treats that you can either buy or even make at home!

Egg-shaped horse treats by Neigh-Bars  for Easter… EGG-Quines mini eggs for your horse(s)  Visit their website  www.neigh-bars.co.uk/

SUPAlyx  Tasty Treats  flavors:  “Carrot Cake”, “Sugar Lump”,  “Apple Blush”, and “Mellow Mint”.  These treats sound pretty good for any time of the year! Visit the SUPAlyx page here  www.rumenco.co.uk/product/98/SUPAlyx-Horse-and-Pony-Tasty-Treats.html

And if you want to make a Home Made treats  for your horse(s), then visit the Moniteau Saddle Club website for their delicious homemade horse treat recipes  here www.moniteausaddleclub.com/horse_treats.htm  These recipes look really yummmy!!

Buona Pasqua

Treat your horse not only for Easter but also all year round!!

Happy Easter to You and Your Horse(s) !

Karin Susan


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